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Hi, it's nice to meet you
- I'm Miella!

My mission in life is to help you step into your personal power so you can create the business success you want – with ease (we are not doing hard over here). 

Everything is energy and when you know exactly how to become a match for more money & dream clients anything is possible.

I am here to help you quantum leap into your next level of business success while having way more fun. 

I help Female Entrepreneurs Skyrocket Their Income & Call In Dream clients On repeat...

…so they can travel, enjoy more freedom, and be their own boss in every area of life and business.


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What I Believe In...

I believe that you are capable of so much more than what you are showing the world right now and I believe the only thing holding you back is yourself and your beliefs. 

Everything is energy. The Law Of Attraction Is always active and when you learn to use the power of business energetics to your advantage you become unstoppable. It all starts with YOU!

$20K months is standard for you and now you are ready for $50K – $100K months to be the new standard. 

You are ready to call in higher quality clients on repeat. 

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You were born to be EXTRAordinary, to stand out, to be a trailblazer in life and business, to break all existing barriers to success and money making!

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Some fun facts about me...

01 This makes me super happy

Conversations with friends, red wine, food and animals prints.

02 I’m Probably Listening to

An audiobook around beliefs, quantum physics or manifestation

03 The best decision i’ve ever made

Living in Bali for 5 years with my three kids and husband (currently living here). 

04 You’d be Surprised to Learn

That I am a bit of a geek – playing computer, making websites etc. – I can do it all. 

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