Become a match for $30K - $100K months in your business
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by mastering your mindbration®

I’m READY! Lead the way...

Hello $30K - $100K months!

For years I was stuck at $5k - $10k months

No matter how much I hustled and worked I never seemed to be able to break through that glass ceiling (and working HARD I was)

Until I finally realized that ALL my results was just a direct reflection of my MindBration®!

When I started using the “create from the inside out approach” everything turned around for me and I started to attract more money than ever (hello 6 figure months).

When I finally understood co-creating with the universe and with The Law Of Attraction instead of doing it all by myself EVERYTHING changed.

I started having $30K - $100K months with ease!

I was attracting my dream clients with ease.

I was working less and making more money than ever!

All by mastering my MindBration®

Girl, I know you are READY for more money, ease and flow in your life & business!

You did not end up on this page by chance.

You are here because you are ready to attract more money and create your dream life and business with ease.

And I am ready to help you get there faster than you ever though possible...

If you don't have the life & business right now that you are dreaming of it's because you have been missing this one thing!

Mastering your MindBration®

Funnels, webinars & hustling is NOT going to give you the results you want!

And I know you know it - because you have already tried it all and you are still not getting to the $30K - $100K months you want in your business.

And that is one hell of a frustating place to be.

You are doing the work.

You are showing up.

You are delivering high value content.

But still not getting the results you want.

How do I know?

Because that was me only few years ago!

You are DONE with the hustling and want more ease - NOW!

You are pushing HARD to make money and find freedom in your life and business
– yet your results don’t match the energy you’re putting in?

You know you're capable of so MORE than what you’re doing now, but it’s like something is blocking you.

You believe in the law of attraction and you are MORE than READY to become a match for $30K - $100K months – but it feels like it’s just not working how you wish it would.

Are you nodding right now?

Then keep reading

You’re not crazy, babe. There is SO MUCH MORE out there for you.

More fun, more ease, more money, more freedom in your life and business.

So what do you say?

Are you ready to shatter your glass ceiling and co-create a shit ton of money with the universe?

If you answered yes, congratulations!

You are in the right place.

I've got your back...

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My passion is showing you what the next level of wealth, success, fun and freedom looks like and how you too can create it with ease!

I'm ready to become a match for $30K - $100K months

From $5k months to $100k months

For the longest of times I spent my days, weeks, months hustling and pushing my way through every success in my life.

It took me a while to figure out that my best results came when I learnt to lean into my spiritual practices and be guided by what felt in alignment with my soul .

My most successful results (like the time I manifested 88.000USD in one week) have come from learning to use my MindBration® in the most profitable and enjoyable way possible!

And now I get to live my most successful life on MY terms!

I only ever work 3-hour days and I am earning more money than ever before!

I have the most extraordinary high-end clients who come to work with me effortlessly and I absolutely ADORE them.

And now, you can experience this bliss too! Because I figured out the secret sauce, the magic formula the proven concept…

Work less, earn more, expand and elevate your ability to impact others – all while living your dream life! All you need to do is to raise your MindBration® and combine the spiritual and practical tools that work!

It’s possible. It’s proven. And I’m here and so ready to help you reach that NEXT LEVEL…

YES! I'm READY for $30k - $100k months

After learning about MindBration® I had my first 12.000$ month and within the first 4 days of working with the mindbration theory I attracted 180$ in one day and was hit by the most powerful energy from the Universe.

Miella is without a doubt one of the most transformational coaches I have ever come across.

She shows me that living in wealth, passion and building a million business is fucking simple!

MindBration® combined with the right action is EVERYTHING.

Christel Jakobsen


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