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The MindBration® Academy

Master Your MindBration® to manifest you wildest dreams, attract more money & unleash your inner badass

Moving past what's keeping you stuck won’t happen if you stay focused on what you think you gotta do

Your time is now, babe. That glass ceiling you keep hitting? Consider it shattered. The life you’ve always dreamed of? Consider it yours.

The MindBration® Academy is for women who are ready to master the law of attraction and manifest everything they’ve ever wanted. 

More money?
More freedom?
More ease, flow and happiness?

Whatever you want can be yours, but not if you keep hustling the way you are right now. You’re not going to find the ease you deeply desire by hustling and always doing. Moving past that life you’re tired AF of won’t happen if you stay focused on what you think you gotta do

Because stepping into the next level version of yourself, attracting more money, building rock solid confidence and unleashing your inner badass aren’t about chasing your results on the outside.

Attracting more money and a shit load of freedom requires something entirely different than what you’ve been taught before. The predictable, repeatable manifestation of what you really want requires you to become an energetic match for having that thing.

And that?

Well, that requires you to spend less time doing and more time mastering your MindBration®.

What is MindBration®?

It’s what I call the frequency at which you attract what you want into your life.

When you raise your vibration and strengthen your mindset, you uplevel your MindBration® (mindset and vibration) and allow into your life more money, freedom, and ease.

MindBration® exists because the law of attraction is always active and always delivering to you exactly what you’re a match to receive. 

This means that making more money, having more freedom and experiencing more ease in your life and business (if you are an entrepreneur) is about asking the question: 

What needs to shift within my MindBration® in order to attract what I want?

Once you know the mindset you need to cultivate and the vibration from which you need to live, attracting what you want is simple.

There’s no reason to keep pushing (hard) to make more money

There’s no reason you should feel like your results don’t match the effort you’re putting in. (‘Cause that place is frustrating as shit, right?)  

You know you’re meant for more. I know you’re meant for more. And that flow and ease you’re desperately craving? It can be found at the intersection of mindset and vibration (aka MindBration®) and learning these tools is what’ll unblock your abundance faster than you can say, “Bali, anyone?”. 

The MindBration® Academy is a high-vibe container that perfectly blends spiritual and practical tools so that you can create the life of your dreams – with ease.

Modules, workbooks, weekly check ins and an exclusive high-vibe Facebook group align your vibration to the exact frequency needed to attract more abundance, flow & ease.

Together, The MindBration® Academy heightens your MindBration® so you can master the law of attraction and manifest everything you’ve ever wanted. 

If you need predictable and practical results stemming from your efforts (and you want them now), The MindBration® Academy is for you!


Here's how I know…

Only 3 years ago, I was tired and frustrated while working my ass off to create the results I wanted. As I could barely keep up with, to-dos, my high expectations of myself and rules I thought ran the show, I kept hearing the sentence, “You either burn out or you let go and lean in.”

So finally, when I had nothing left to give, I did. 

I stopped playing small – and it was scary AF. I stopped reading books and shuffling around social media – and finally let the real me out to play. I started to raise my MindBration® and, after a few short weeks, things started to turn around in a BIG way. 

I had my first six-figure month while I spent the majority of my time booking massages, practicing meditation and taking action only when it felt right (instead of when I thought I should). 

Everything suddenly clicked and the results that came through (without the hustle I used to believe was necessary) blew me away. 

I went from hard work and constant burnout all the way up to $100k months with ease, flow, and only 15 hours of work each week. I moved my entire family to Bali so that I could work with dream clients from oceanfront beach clubs while sipping espresso martinis. 

And if you’re thinking this isn’t possible for you because you don’t have the time, energy, or money to make it happen, then you need to know that I managed that move and massive business growth with 3 young, very active boys. If I can tap into ease and abundance, so can you.

Because whatever you think is holding you back isn’t actually the problem. You can have more. You can do more. You can experience life the way you want and I can show you how. 

The only thing standing between you and your dream life is, well, you

Now you might be thinking WTF, but I promise this realization is about to change your whole life for the better. As soon as I took radical responsibility for what I was attracting (by way of my MindBration®), EVERYTHING changed.

(I even manifested $88,000 USD in one short week!)

Pause for a moment and think. What would you create if you knew without a shadow of a doubt that you had the tools to manifest anything at all that you wanted?

✔️ $50k months while working 15 hours a week?

✔️ More money, ease, happiness and flow?

✔️ The freedom to travel wherever and whenever you want?

All of this can be yours as soon as you master your MindBration®.

This means you have a decision to make

You can keep hustling and struggling and doing everything yourself like you usually do. 

(And you can keep getting the same results you usually get.)

Or you can do something different. Something RADICALLY different.

You can say YES to your dream life. 

(The one where YOU are in charge.)

You can say YES to the Universe.

(And start co-creating all the epic shit you want.)

You can say YES to yourself.

(And believe in that small voice that keeps telling you there’s a different, better way.)

I’ve helped hundreds of women master their MindBration® and I know how to bring more money, more freedom, and more ease into your life.

Say yes to joining me and a select group of other badass women on a 2,5-month transformational journey. Strengthen your mindset, raise your vibration and attract everything and anything you want.

Your time is now, babe. Are you in?

We are starting the 1st of May – so don’t delay. Sign up now.

After learning about MindBration® I had my first 12.000$ month.

And within the first 4 days of working with the MindBration® theory I attracted 180$ in one day and was hit by the most powerful energy from the Universe.

Miella is without a doubt one of the most transformational coaches I have ever come across.

She shows me that living in wealth, passion and building a million business is fucking simple!

MindBration® combined with the right action is EVERYTHING.

Christel Jakobsen

The 5 modules that will show you how to attract $30k, $50k, and $100k months - fast!

  • Module 1
  • Module 2
  • Module 3
  • Module 4
  • Module 5

Module 1: How to use The Law of Attraction to Attract What You Want

During this first module, we focus on how the law of attraction works and how to (finally) use it to your advantage. 

You learn how to uplevel your mindset and raise your energetic frequency so that you attract more money, happiness, ease & flow.

We go through what MindBration® is, how it works, and why it’s essential to manifesting exactly what you are dreaming of. Plus, you’ll get 7 practical steps to follow so you can start attracting more into your life right now!

After Module 1, you will:

  • know exactly how to use the law of attraction to create what you want (instead of what you don’t)

  • understand how to tap into your most powerful MindBration® and how to change your thoughts so you can change your results

  • have the 7 MindBration® Steps for Manifestation and be able to use them on repeat to create ANYTHING you want in your life (over and over again)

Module 2: How to Unblock Yourself (Fast) When You are Feeling Stuck

I know you have big dreams, big goals and big visions to put forth in this world. You’re ready to go ALL IN. But sometimes shit happens and we get a little blocked up from actually creating said goals. This module teaches you exactly what to do to get unblocked and unstuck (in the quickest amount of time, of course).

After Module 2, you will:

  • know exactly how to open the floodgates and kickstart your abundance


  • feel more energy, passion, and drive for your life


  • understand how to move forward in a way that gets you the best results

Module 3: How to Change Your Self-Image and Become a Match for Everything You Want

In this module, we’ll focus on how you can spot negative patterns in your life, so you can create a new self-image and attract from that.

Remember, you receive what you’re a match to receive and so the higher your self-image, the more you’ve available to have!

By the end of Module 3, you will:

  • understand why your self-image and the way you speak to yourself impacts how much money you make and what results you attract

  • know exactly how to create a new self-image that is in alignment with what you actually what to receive

  • move through your limiting beliefs and outdated manifestation loops (and know exactly how to overcome any Upper Limit Problems and create more in your life)

Module 4: How to Co-Create (Money) on Repeat with the Universe

During Module 4, you learn how to connect to the vibration of money and become an energetic match for the kind of money you want to have. $30k months, $100k months, $88k in one week...

THIS is how you attract more into your business and life.

By the end of Module 4, you will:

  • know the exact techniques for setting your MindBration® on money so that you attract MORE (consistently)

  • learn what to do with your money blocks (so you can get rid of them for good)

  • understand how to regularly and repeatedly attract more than enough money in your life, so that you can have the freedom to do what you really want

Module 5: How to Unleash your Inner Badass & Stand Out

During the final module, you get the concrete techniques you need to become a magnet attracting flow, ease, happiness and abundance. We also work on strengthening your intuition (so you know exactly what to do and when) and unleashing your inner badass so you can stand out from the crowd. 

This is truly the time when you take back control and claim the confidence you’ve been longing to have. 

After Module 5, you will:

  • feel UNSTOPPABLE in your life

  • understand how to step into your future and live as you are truly meant to live

  • feel connected to and guided by your higher self so that you know what to do in any situation

  • remain unaffected by the negative energy of others

  • fall in love with yourself and start attracting positive high vibe people and events into your life. 


  • step into the next level and most confident version of yourself and feel more powerful than ever before
Each module is packed with step-by-step guidance and concrete tools so that you can implement what you’re learning right away (and see immediate results).

This is so valuable because implementation is the MOST important manifestation step and it’s HOW you’re going to see the greatest results in the shortest amount of time.

So, if you want to uplevel your MindBration® (and therefore attract more money, more freedom, and more ease into your life), be sure to get the support you need to implement what you learn.

The MindBration® Academy is designed to help a select group of kickass women do just that.
After learning about MindBration®, I attracted so many clients that I had to hire an extra employee 2 days a week

I have so much more energy and joy in my everyday life.

I am more in touch with myself.

Miella is just wonderful, present and can really feel into everyone following her course.

She really manages, in a loving and powerful way, to teach us how we can create everything from the inside out

I am soooo happy that I took the plunge to learn how to live my life the coolest way.

Miella gets the biggest recommendations from me

For those who are a little insecure, I just want to say: “GO FOR IT”

Helle Jensen
Pay in full
Pay in 3 installments

The MindBration® Academy
Pay in full

✔️ 2,5 Months

✔️ 5 Modules

✔️ 5 Workbooks

✔️ Weekly Check Ins In The Facebook Group

✔️ Unlimited FB Group Support

✔️ The Experiment formular Miella used to manifest $88.000 in one week
$ 1.999
  • start: 1. april 2020
(save $389)

Limited spots are available. Secure your spot now.


The MindBration® Academy is right for you if:

↠ You are ready to use the law of attraction to your advantage (so that it works for you and not against).

↠ You want to attract more money, happiness and flow into your life – with ease

↠ You want to attract your wildest dreams.

↠ You are ready to build more confidence so that you can do what YOU want in your life and business (if you are an entrepreneur).

Huge breakthroughs.

A lot of fun. 

The good kind of challenge that fuels the fire in your belly.

A wild, delicious ride.

But most of all you can expect to feel supported by high-achieving, impact-creating women as you realize you are capable of being, having and doing more than you are doing right now. 

I know you feel you’re capable of more success than you currently have.

By learning to adjust your mindset and raise your vibration, you can expect to become an energetic match for more money, flow, and freedom, so you can create ANYTHING you want!

Of course not. (You know this.)

While we’ve seen clients get epic results again and again and again, YOU are the powerful manifestor constantly co-creating with the Universe.

Your results come down to your ability to implement the tools you learn. 

The modules are powerful and will transform your life but only as you implement their teachings.

You’re fierce.

You’re capable.

You’re a cool AF human playing small so as to not rock the boat, right?

I know you… and so I won’t sugarcoat anything for you.

Deciding that MindBration® was the key to unlocking my own success — and ultimately taking a chance on ME and what I wanted — was the scariest thing I ever did.

Investing in my version of success (hello, ease and flow!) went against the very foundation of my former people-pleasing self. 

I wasn’t guaranteed results, but I simply couldn’t spend another day working my butt off to feel so-so about my income and impact at the end of the month.

I needed results that matched the effort I was putting in and that’s how I knew MindBration® was the missing link.

If you want more money, happiness and flow with less stress and struggle, this is what you need too! 

You will have forever access to the content and ALL future updates.

Miella is leaving the Facebookgroup after the 2,5 months.

Do you wish to join the next class you will have the possibility as an alumni to join the next class if you feel like it (for a smaller price).

Miella will answer any and all questions in the Facebook group one time each week.

We start on the 1st of May 2020.

You will learn how the law of attraction works and how to use it to create anything you want.

You will be armed with all of the techniques to achieve your results in the absolute fastest and most fun way – using your MindBration®.

You can see more about what the individual modules contain further up on the page.

Everything is online. 

This gives you the amazing option to participate from everywhere in the world (as long as you have internet). 

All modules are pre-recorded. Every second week you will receive a link to each module and the workbooks.

You log in to the portal with the login that you get once you sign up.

There are 5 modules in total.

One is released every second week.

Yes, everything happens online. So you can participate whether you are sitting at a cafe in Bali or at your kitchen table at home.

Click the corresponding button above, and choose how you want to pay and make your payment via credit card.

You can choose to pay the full enrollment amount at one time (and save $) or divide the payment into 3 installments.

Question not answered here?

Damn! Shoot us an email at support@miellaravenscroft.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible!