1:1 mindbration® transformation


Get ready for a life filled with money, happiness & confidence.

The MindBration™️ Mentorship Transformation is a 6-month mentorship program for ambitious women who want to change their money mindset, overcome their limiting beliefs and live the life of their dreams.

You are a strong woman… I know that….

You know how to create results. You have HIGH standards.

But you have this inner nagging feeling.

Like something is off.

You often think to yourself, ‘When I have reached this goal, THEN I will be happy.’

Just to get there and realize that it didn’t change anything at all.

You’re doing everything right, but still not getting the results you want.

Something is blocking your success. Sound familiar?

What if you could...

Create a life where YOU are the boss? 
With the freedom and money to do what YOU want?To travel whenever you want?
To spend time with the people you love and do the things that make YOU happy?
To tap into an endless flow of money from wherever you are in the world?

Well, I’m here to tell you: it’s possible.

Throughout this Mentorship Experience, you will learn how to…

↠ Get results in the most enjoyable way…and fast!
↠ Connect with your spiritual abilities and listen to your intuition.
↠ Find your flow like never before and learn how to surf it like a wave.
↠ Get rid of your limiting beliefs and have your thoughts work for you, not against you.
↠ Raise your vibration to match the vibration of the universe.
↠ Unblock whatever is blocking you and holding you back.
↠ Attract all the things that you have ever dreamed about.
↠ Create the life of your dreams and get to do things you never even thought were possible.
↠ Discover what you are capable of and learn how to use the superpowers you were born with.
↠ Attract money in an enjoyable way so that you don’t have to keep slaving away through life.
↠ Break through the invisible glass ceiling that is holding you back and keeping you small.
↠ Rewire your money mindset so that you get to think, act and move forward like the wealthiest person you can think of.
↠ Create a life of freedom to do what you want and spend time with the people you care about.
↠ Strengthen your mindset and become the person you were always meant to be.


Let me tell you: this is unlike anything you have ever seen before. I have had my business for 10 years now – coaching hundreds and hundreds of women – and over time, I have noticed a specific pattern when it comes to those who experience the most success.

It’s not that they are smarter.

It’s not that they are luckier.

It’s not that they have it all figured out.

It’s actually a combination of very specific things.

It’s like mixing a secret recipe and when everything comes together, there’s a POOF and the abundance starts flowing in.

They become happier.

They make more money.

I have analyzed the results of all of these women and in doing so, have figured out the exact methodology you need to follow to find the flow, the happiness, the money and the life you want.

I call it the MindBration™️ Mentorship Transformation.

This experience is for you if you want to live the life of your dreams with the freedom to do what you want.

It’s for you if you want to live the life of your dreams with the money you have always dreamed of.

How do I know this is possible? Because it’s been my reality for a long time now. 

It doesn’t have to be hard – but it will require work.

Does it come for free? 

No, of course not. 

You need to invest in yourself – both the money and the time.

If you want results you’ve never had before, you need to do something you’ve never done before.

And let’s be honest: If you already knew how to do it yourself, you would have done it by now!

Here's what you'll get:

12 private 60-minute mentoring sessions with me over the course of 6 months

MindBration™️ (Mindset and Vibration) Coaching & Clairvoyant answers (you will be amazed by the power of this cocktail!)


Your own closed Facebook group with only the two of us in it and UNLIMITED POSSIBILITY TO ASK QUESTIONS – I WILL ANSWER YOU ONCE A WEEK.

A few months from now, you will...

  • Feel a drive, passion and energy like never before
  • Know exactly what you are dreaming about and how to create it
  • Have a much greater connection with your spiritual abilities
  • Know exactly how to create whatever you want
  • Be far happier than you have been for a long time, and learn how to maintain it
  • Clear out everything that has been holding you back your whole life
  • Get back to noticing what you are capable of, and learn how to use it to your advantage
  • Get to know your life mission and what you were put here on earth to do
  • Feel more alive than ever before, because you now know how to follow your intuition
  • Reach new heights and feel more confident than ever, ready to take on the world

Others are saying...

Miella is completely unique and wonderful, and I am so deeply grateful for her way of creating trust and presence.

Her openness and way of being, as well as the space she creates, has made me more open to her than to many others.

Her program has gone beyond expectations, and she has given me the personal and loving push I needed.

She has helped me by raising my awareness about myself and the way to do business.

She has helped me become very clear on my passion, and Miella has pushed me over the edge and helped me to find my own personal way of communicating my messages.

Miella’s sessions have been worth their weight in gold, and I still do not quite understand how she does the Clairvoyance.

It’s so magical and I feel both easier, happier and smarter every time.

Miella is up close and personal and she sees ME and all the others exactly as we are.

But the very best thing she has given me is:

“The feeling that there is no other way than going for my dream.”

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1:1 transformation

✔️ 6 Months

✔️ 12 private sessions with Miella

✔️ Your own private FB group with Miella

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  • start: 1. april 2020
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