The MindBration® Mastermind Experience

Get ready to create $30K - $100K months in your business - with ease
by mastering your mindBration®

Get ready to blow up the damn glass ceiling and Get the life & Business you've always dreamed of!

This high-end mastermind is for women entrepreneurs ready to master the law of attraction and manifest everything they’ve ever wanted. 
$30K – $100K months?
More dream clients?
More ease and flow?
Working from anywhere in the world while sipping cocktails?
Whatever you want can be yours as soon as you become an energetic match for having that thing.
How do you do that?
You strengthen your mindset and raise your vibration with daily, practical and spiritual tools and by getting in the presence of the right people. 

The MindBration® Mastermind is designed to support you in becoming a match for $30k - $100k months

The workbooks, modules and weekly check-ins align your MindBration® to the exact frequencies needed to attract abundance and dream clients.
Our group calls, private mentorship sessions and exclusive high-vibe Facebook group are designed to raise your MindBration® so you can create your business results with ease. 
There’s no need to keep pushing (hard) to make more money.
There’s no reason you should feel like your results don’t match the effort you’re putting it. (‘Cause that place is frustrating as shit, right?) 
You know you’re meant for more, I know you’re meant for more and that flow and ease you’re desperately craving?
It can be found at the intersection of (you guessed it) mindset and vibration (aka MindBration®) and learning these tools is what’ll unblock your abundance faster than you can say, “Bali, anyone?”. 
If you believe in the law of attraction and you’re picking up what I’m putting down… but you need predictable and practical results stemming from your efforts (and you need them now)… the MindBration® Mastermind is for you!

Here's how I know...

Only 3 years ago, I was tired and frustrated while I worked my ass off to create the results I wanted. I was always trying to do better, sell more and I was hustling 24/7.
As I could barely keep up with the Facebook groups, to-dos and marketing rules I thought ran the show, I kept hearing the sentence, “You either burn out or you let go and lean in.”
So finally, when I had nothing left to give, I did. 
I stopped playing small – and it was scary AF.
I stopped reading books and shuffling around social media – and finally let the real me out to play – I started to raise my MindBration® and create from the inside out instead of chasing the goals outside of me.
After a couple of weeks, things started to turn around in a BIG way. 
I had a six-figure month after spending my time and effort booking massages, practicing meditation and taking action only when it felt right (instead of when I thought I should).
Everything suddenly clicked and the results that came through (without the hustle I used to believe was necessary) blew me away.
I went from hard work and constant burnout to $30K – $100K months with ease, flow and WAY less work than ever before. I moved my entire family to Bali so that I could work with my dream clients from ocean front beach clubs while sipping on espresso martinis. 
And if you’re thinking this isn’t possible for you because you don’t have enough money, time or energy, then you need to know that I managed that move and my newfound “lean in success” with 3 young, very active boys. If I can tap into ease and abundance, so can you.
Whatever you think is holding you back isn’t actually the problem. You can have more. You can do more. You can experience life the way you want and I can show you how. 
The only thing standing between you and your dream business & life is, well, you
Now your first thought might be “WTF”, but I promise this realization is about to bust open your life in more ways than one. As soon as I took radical responsibility for what I was attracting, EVERYTHING changed for the better.
(Like that time I manifested $88,000 USD in one short week!)

It's not something outside of you.
It's inside of you...

For the longest time ever I thought that there was something outside of me that was always ‘stopping’ me from doing what I really wanted to do.

But then I had a huge realization. There was nothing outside of me that could stop me at all. In fact, the only thing stopping me… WAS me!


When that changed and I started taking full responsibility for my MindBration®, then EVERYTHING changed for the better (like the time I manifested 88.000USD in one week!). 

I kept hearing the sentence, "You either burnout or let go and lean in." 

So I decided not to play small anymore – and it was scary AF. 

I was so afraid that I would be ‘too much’ for the people around me if I started showing up as ME.

But instead of reading more books, shuffling around social media and comparing myself to others on the internet, I started to combine and implement the spiritual and practical tools in my life. 

I started to raise my MindBration®. 

I took a chance on ME and it was the scariest thing I have ever done (after being a people pleaser and the ‘nice girl’ my whole life). 

For a while, nothing happened and I was terrified that this wouldn’t work either but I was SO tired that I simply didn’t have any other options. 

It was time to lean in and give it a shot. 

And after a couple of weeks, things started to turn around BIG time

I had my most chilled out 6 figure month ever – having massages, meditating, following aligned guidance and only acting when it felt right (instead of doing what I thought was smart).

And it continued like that. 

It was like everything suddenly clicked and I started getting these AMAZING epic results without hustling and working 24/7. Of course I was still working – but in a way that was fun and just flowed way more than usual.

I STARTED TO ATRACT MORE MONEY THAN EVER BEFORE – while I enjoyed it all the way. 

No stress. No struggle. Just confidence, flow and ultimately, freedom. 

And now it’s your turn - you’ve got a decision to make.

You can keep on hustling and struggling and doing everything yourself like you usually do. And get the same results you usually get. 

Or you can do something different. Something radically different.

You can become a match for $30k – $100k months and open up to ease, flow, freedom and abundance in your life & business and step into the next level version of yourself!

You can say YES to your dream life. A life where you’re in charge – your own boss. Where you set your own goals – and reach them! A life where you create your own dreams – inside out – co-creating epic business results with the universe.

(And YES, it can be done. I have helped hundreds of women to do it. Yes, it requires that you make an effort – but it is possible. And I’ll show you how to do it every step of the way).

Join me on a 6-month transformational mastermind journey (for a select few – only 40 spots available) 

Step into the next level version of yourself, attract more money, build rock solid confidence & unleash your inner badass.

The journey starts now.


This Mastermind experience is a kick-ass online Mastermind in which you learn how to master the law of attraction, positive energy, and manifestation to attract MORE MONEY & BUSINESS SUCCESS - with ease!

– in other words, HOW TO BECOME AN ENERGETIC MACTH FOR EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT so you can live the life of your dreams NOW!

You'll learn how to:
  • Create $30k - $100k months in your business - with ease. .
  • Attract your dream clients instead of chasing them (you'll become magnetic).
  • How to unblock yourself when you are feeling blocked in your business.

It’s going to create a huge BREAKTHROUGH for you

It’s going to be fun.

It’s going to be challenging.

It’s going to be WILD.

And most importantly, it’s going to create a huge BREAKTHROUGH for you.

Want to know why?

Because you are capable of being, having and doing SO MUCH MORE than you you are doing now (I know you can feel it too).

And by learning how to adjust your mindset and your vibration, become an energetic match for money and unleash your inner badass – you will have the POWER to create $30k – $100k months with ease.

You have two options:
1) The "Do it yourself way" & what you get:

6 kick ass pre-recorded modules
(1 hr each)

6 beautiful PDF workbooks
(1 hr each)

Access to a high-vibe Facebook group with the other participants

One module and one workbook is released every week for 6 weeks
Unlimited spots available
2) The "Exclusive way" & what you get:
This is 6 months of high vibe badassery with Miella and 40 other high-achieving ladies.

6 kick ass pre-recorded modules
(1 hr each)

6 beautiful PDF workbooks

Practical step by step guidelines every week

Unlimited support in the exclusive high-vibe Facebook group (only 40 women and Miella in here)

The Experiment formular I used to manifest $88.000 in one week

6 EMPOWERING group Q&A live calls
(1.5 hrs each)

6 POWERFUL 1:1 sessions with miella
(30 mins each)

Only 40 spots available and they are going FAST

What is MindBration®?

I'm so glad you asked... The name MindBration® comes from mindset and vibration. When you raise your vibrations and strengthen your mindset, you attract at a higher level – and then you can attract exactly what you dream of. The Law Of Attraction is ALWAYS active and always delivering into your life what you are currently a match for.

MindBration® is a powerful magnetic force

Everything in the universe is energy  – also your thoughts and feelings. The Law of Attraction is always active. Like attracts like.

MindBration® is when your mindset and vibration creates this powerful magnetic force making it possible for you to attract $30k – $100k months with ease.   

You learn how to become a match for more money, ease & flow. 

The MindBration® Mastermind Experience is perfect for you if you:

↠ want to create $30k – $100k months in your business – with ease. 

↠ want to attract your dream clients instead of chasing them. 

↠ are ready to build more confidence so that you can do what YOU want in your life & business.

↠ are ready to use the law of attraction to your advantage in life and business.


The 6 modules that will take you to $30k - $100k months fast:

  • Module 1
  • Module 2
  • Module 3
  • Module 4
  • Module 5
  • Module 6

Module 1 
How to use The Law of Attraction to Attract $30k - $100k months in your business

During the first module, we focus on how the law of attraction works and how to use it to your advantage.

You learn how to change your attraction and energetic frequencies so that you attract more money & dream clients into your business. We go through what MindBration® is, how it works, and why it’s so essential to manifest your $30k - $100k months in your business. 

You'll get 7 Concrete Steps for attraction those $30k - $100k months. 

When done with Module 1, you will:

  • know exactly how to use the law of attraction to create your $30k - $100k months.

  • know the MindBration® chain and how to change your thoughts and thus your results in your business.

  • know the 7 MindBration® Steps for Manifestation and know how to use them in your business.

Module 2

How to Unblock Yourself When You are Feeling Blocked in your Life & Business

Sometimes we end up feeling blocked or stuck in our business.

Maybe you know that feeling?

That you know that you only give it a tiny bit of what you have to show the world. 

You have BIG dreams. BIG goals. You want to go BIG and ALL IN. But you are feeling blocked and don't know how to get unblocked and unstuck. 

When done with Module 2, you will:

  • You will know exactly how to get unblocked and unstuck.
  • You energy, passion and business drive will flow again.
  • You will know your next steps and it's easy for you to move forward. 

Module 3  

How to Become a Match for $30 - $100k month by changing your self-image

In Module 3, we focus on how to spot negative patterns and manifestation loops in your life & business – and you learn the trick to changing your unhealthy loops into positive loops.

You learn how to create a new self image and live (and attract money, dream client etc.) from it. 

When done with Module 3, you will:

  • understand why your self-image and the way you speak to yourself are important in terms of attracting more money and dream clients.

  • know the concrete method for creating a new self-image and attracting from that new self image.

  • know your limiting beliefs and manifestation loops – and get tools to create positive loops instead.

  • know what an Upper Limit problem is and what you need to do to overcome it.

Module 4 

How to stop hustling and struggling and start creating your results with ease instead

If you are like most of my clients you have been taught that to get BIG results you have to WORK really HARD. 

It's a lie!

And in this module you will learn the secret of creating your business results with ease and flow. 

How to work less and earn MUCH more. 

When done with Module 4, you will:

  • know why struggling and hustling is keeping you stuck at the same level.

  • how to co-create more money, ease and flow with the universe instead of doing everything yourself.

  • why the frequency of struggling of hustling only attracts more of that into your life and how to let go of it for good. 

Module 5

How to Become a Match for More Money and Co-Create a Shit Ton of Money with the Universe

During Module 5, you learn how to connect to the vibration of money and create a new attraction point for it in your life & business. In other words, you’ll learn how to become an energetic match for the kind of money you WANT to have. Did I tell you about when I manifested $88,000 in 1 week? There are NO limits for this!

You also learn what a money block is and how to dissolve it. We go into the secret of immediate manifestation (this one is so valuable that the investment is earning itself back here!) and you learn why it is so important to make MindBration® a daily routine.

When done with Module 5, you will:

  • know the exact techniques for setting your MindBration® on money so that you attract more of them.

  • know exactly what to do to attract $30k - $100k months with ease. 

  • have the tools to always get more than enough money – so that you can have the freedom to do what you want.

Module 6

How to Unleash your Inner Badass & Stand STRONG in Yourself

During the sixth and final module, you get the concrete techniques you need to take your power back and stand strong in it. 

When you are in love with yourself and your products you will be like a magnet attracting your dream clients into your business.

We also work on strengthening your intuition and unleashing your inner badass.

This is truly the time when you take back control and claim the confidence you have been longing for. You learn how to step forward strongly into your future, living as you were always meant to be. You will feel UNSTOPPABLE in life and business.

When done with Module 6, you will:

  • understand how to be guided by your higher self – and therefore always know what to do in different situations.

  • know how to remain unaffected by the negative energy of haters.

  • understand how to fall in love with yourself and your products so you start attracting your dream clients instead of chasing them. 

  • know how to step into the next level confident version of yourself and unleash your inner business badass.

Each module is absolutely packed with step-by-step guidance and concrete tools so that you can work with what you learn and implement it right away.

REMINDER: implementation is crucial – otherwise nothing will change.
After learning about MindBration® I had my first 12.000$ month.

And within the first 4 days of working with the MindBration® theory I attracted 180$ in one day and was hit by the most powerful energy from the Universe.

Miella is without a doubt one of the most transformational coaches I have ever come across.

She shows me that living in wealth, passion and building a million business is fucking simple!

MindBration® combined with the right action is EVERYTHING.

Christel Jakobsen

Kick off : 1 st of March 2020

The Exclusive way
The DIY way

The Exclusive package

✔️ 6 Months

✔️ 6 Modules

✔️ 6 Workbooks

✔️ 6 Q & A Group Live-calls

✔️ 6 1:1 Sessions with Miella (30 minutes each)

✔️ Unlimited FB Group Support

✔️ The Experiment formular Miella used to manifest $88.000 in one week

$ 11.250
  • start: 1. april 2020
One time payment excl. tax. (payment plans available).

Only 40 spots


We start the 1st of march 2020.

You get the tools to completely change your life based on the MindBration® concept and law of attraction.

After the course, you will know how the law of attraction works and how to use it to create anything you want. You will be armed with all of the techniques to achieve your results in the absolute fastest and most fun way – using your MindBration®. You can see more about what the individual modules contain further up on the page.

You pay by credit card once you have clicked on the button. You can choose whether you want to pay the amount at one time (and save $) or divide the payment into 10 installments.

Everything is online. 

This give you the amazing option to participate from everywhere in the world (as long as you have internet). 

All modules are pre recorded. Every second week you will receive a link to each module and the workbooks.

You log in to the portal with the login that you get when you sign up.

The MasterMind is for you who wants to create $30k – $100k months in your business with ease.

You know that you are responsible for the results you are getting and that makes it even more frustrating for you that you can seem to move past the glass ceiling that is keeping you stuck. 

You are a high achieving female entrepreneur looking to attract A LOT more money and dream clients into you business and you are sick and tired of hustling 24/7.

You have already create amazing results in your business but you have been working WAY to much and you don’t feel like your results are matching the energy you are putting into it. 

You believe in The Law of Attraction but you can’t get it to be predictable in your business – leaving you with only the option to hustle your way to success (and you don’t want to do that anymore). 

You KNOW that there is so much more out there for you and you are READY for $30k – $100k months – NOW!


There are 6 modules in total. One is released every second week.

The 1:1 individual sessions will be at a time that suits you between 9am and 3pm Bali time (GMT + 8). When the Mastermind experience starts, you will receive a link to Miella’s calendar so you can book your sessions (if you invested in the Exclusive package that is).

Yes, everything happens online. So you can participate whether you are sitting at a cafe in Bali or at the kitchen table at home.

When you are in The Exclusive MasterMind Experience, Miella will answer ALL questions in the Facebook group 1 time a week. 

When you invest in the Do It Yourself  Way, you become part of a part a high vibe FB group – but Miella is not answering questions in there. 

No of course not.

It all comes down to you using the tools you’ll get. 

When that is said we have seen client getting the most epic results again and again. 

Question not answered here?

Damn! Go ahead and shoot us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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