Let me ask you this question…

If you could make a $hit ton of money, attract your dream clients with ease and have the freedom to do what ever TF you want in your life and business by just being YOU...

How would that make you feel?

I am here to tell you that it IS possible!

And NOW It’s YOUR Turn To See It For Yourself

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Money Mentor

Imagine this...

Waking up to sales every day…

Having the freedom and money to do precisely what you want…

Having your dream clients reaching out to you begging you to work with them…

Making a $hit ton of money doing what you LOVE!

Girl, let me remind you that YOU. CAN. HAVE. IT. ALL.

Your 6 months journey begins TODAY!

Does this sound familiar to you?

You are tired of business strategies that don’t work, endless launches, setting boring and ‘realistic’ money goals, and just want to attract your dream clients and make a lot of money (with ease & more fun).

You are tired of being invisible, playing small, and holding yourself back and want to have monumental success & quantum leaps in business and life NOW.

You want proven spiritual and practical tools to skyrocket your business & money results FAST and you are ready for it to happen NOW!


You are READY for MORE. 

MORE money. More EASE. More FUN. More FLOW. More FREEDOM all while being More YOU!

Are you ready to manifest and experience MORE money, MORE clients, MORE ease, MORE fun in your life & business?

Today I make a declaration to you – a promise – with all my heart, that these 6 months will be the MOST fun, the MOST transformative, and the MOST life-changing 6 months you’re likely to ever experience!


Get ready to BE an EXPERT when it comes to the art of manifesting MORE money & MORE clients with ease!

In just 6 months, you will be guided through proven techniques and strategies to help you create more freedom, grow your business, and attract more money into your life & business while being cheered on by likeminded fellow bada$$ female entrepreneurs.

Here's what's included in this
6 Months Money, Mindset & Manifestation Mastermind For Bada$$ Female Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready To Turn Their Wildest Dreams & Goals Into Their Everyday Reality. 

1 monthly module

Every month you’ll receive a transformational module with topics like mindset, money, habits, self-image, identity, quantum leaping, business success so you will have your dream clients scream TAKE MY MONEY! 

See more info on modules further down. 


2 Monthly Group Q & A Calls

In these calls you can ask questions you have & I will give you straight up no BS advice on how to move forward – using both my clairvoyant abilities and my skills as a coach and mentor. 

Recordings will be available. 

Exclusive Facebook Community

This community is filled with EXTRAORDINARY, like-minded entrepreneurs with ONE GOAL:

To become manifesting business & money EXPERTS and SKYROCKET their business income in 6 months while they’re having fun doing it.

Monthly Exercises & Affirmations

Every Month You’ll get exercises, journal prompts and affirmation that will help you clear limiting beliefs, become more confident & magnetic and attract your dream clients & a lot of money with ease!

Buckle Up Babe!

This Is What You Will Be Going Through During The 6 Months


Aim…Ready Set GO!

To achieve those wild dreams of yours you have to know exactly what you want. 

Those BIG a$$ dreams that are calling you. 

No more playing small. 

Let’s get clear on where you are heading.

And let’s go get it! 


Clearing Out ALL Energy Leaks

It’s time to clear out EVERYTHING that is keeping you stuck in your current situation. 

We don’t have time for low vibes or mediocrity.

You don’t have time for clients, products, strategies or other things holding you back. 

It’s time to clear out the shit holding you back, Ri$e and make space for bigger, better & bolder!



Manifestation & Mindset

In this module I will give you 7 practical steps you can use to manifest what ever you want


No more guess working when it comes to manifestation. 

When you have these 7 steps you know EXACTLY what do to when there is something you want to manifest – This is juicy!

As a bonus you’ll also learn the art of shifting quickly to speed up your manifestations. 



Quantum Leaping Into Success

To attract what you want you have to become a match for your dreams by stepping into the next level version of yourself. 

You can not create bigger and better if you keep staying the same. 

In this module you’ll get super clear on who you need to become to attract your next level of success and you will become magnetic AF having your dreams clients begging you to work with them. 


Attracting money & Dream clients with ease

You always attract what you think you are worth. 

And what you think you are worth comes from childhood programming and your beliefs around yourself and money in general. 

In this module, you will let go of all limiting beliefs around money and learn how to attract more dollars with ease!


Power Habits & Implementation

In this last module we will make sure that you know EXACTLY what to do from here on. 

Because as you know knowledge is just empty stuff without implementation.

It’s time to create daily powerful positive success habits & implement everything you have learned so you can keep ri$ing over and over again from here on and until the day you die!

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It's all about mindset, manifestation, quantum leaping, clearing everything that holds you back!

Your Business & Money Results WILL SKYROCKET

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The FAQs

It’s the right fit for you if you are already making some money in your business selling 1:1, online courses etc. 

But you feel like you are working too much and not getting the results you want. 

You feel like you keep hitting an invisible glass ceiling that you can’t break through. 

And you are DONE with feeling stuck. 

You know that it is you and your mindset that is fucking it up for yourself and you are ready to take 100% responsibility for moving to your next level!

You are READY to go ALL IN and quantum leap into your next level of success that holds more freedom, abundance, fun and ease!

When you know…You know 😉

All modules are prerecorded and 1 will be released every month. 

The Q & A calls are live. 

You’ll have access to all the content for 6 months. After this you will be invited to extended access and staying in the Q & A calls for 12 months more. 

No. Miella is in the group but she is not active in there but you don’t really need that because you will surrounded with other amazing likeminded female entrepreneurs with BIG goals just like you! 

Miella will answer as many questions as possible on the two monthly 1 hour Q & A calls.

I trust your intuition and gut feeling enough to not give any refunds. 

When you commit – you commit and that’s they way you want it to be. 

No plan B’s – only ALL IN!