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I'm miella
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I have a question for you…

Have you ever felt like you’re constantly running towards your next goal? Like once you hit this one big goal, THEN you’ll be able to celebrate and live your best life?

I felt like this for the longest time and unfortunately – once I finally DID achieve that big goal – I didn’t celebrate and live my best life. I was too busy going after my next big goal that I never ended up taking any time off to relax and enjoy my success.

It was exhausting AF.

Up until now you’ve probably been trying to MAKE everything happen yourself.

Just like I did...

You're not alone

If your experience is anything like mine, you’re probably too busy achieving all your goals and figuring out your next big idea that you never really take the time to celebrate all your wins and successes.

What I’ve learnt since embarking on my own spiritual journey to life and money success is that when we don’t take the time to slow down, celebrate and express gratitude for the amazing things we achieve – the universe takes this as a sign that we WANT to always work hard and achieve things the hard way (like attracts like as I’m sure you know already).

I also know that we work this way because like me, you are an overachiever.

Yep, I said it.

We are overachievers with something important to prove and WE KNOW IT!

But why are we so determined to prove ourselves? And why do we insist on co-creating more hard work when there is an easier way? (P.S. I have the answers to all these questions!)

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been familiar with the Law of Attraction and Manifestation for a really long time. We are taught to think and feel into what we want but we are never taught about the healing and inner work that needs to be addressed in order to attract and manifest effortlessly. We were never taught that we don’t have to do it all alone and that it doesn’t have to be so freaking hard.

Bye-bye hustle – hello alignment

And here’s where I want to share some of my story with you…

They kept asking why I wasn’t more excited?
Look at how much I’d achieved!

It’s not that I wasn’t excited by the results I was getting – I’ve always been a happy and cheerful person – it’s more so that I was just too tired from building my success out of alignment, that I honestly had no energy left to jump for joy.

Instead of working WITH the Universe, I was working AGAINST the Universe – and it kept me STUCK!

I was never able to break free of $4K to $6K months and it was driving me mad!

It’s like the amount of energy I was putting into my life (and business) never seemed to represent the outcome I desired. Like, for the amount of energy I was putting in – I should have been seeing waaayyyy more money!!

But that wasn’t the case.

Can you relate to any of this?

Are you feeling my exhaustion and frustration just telling you about the old me – the out of alignment overachiever?

Wealth and success CAN be fun, exciting and EFFORTLESS

you can absolutely HAVE IT ALL

In the last 4 years I have completely transformed my business, moved our entire family to Bali, had 3 boys and built a whole new version of success that is 100% in alignment with me and 100% a true reflection of the life I want to live. It’s magnificent!

I changed my entire life.

I made sure to only provide programs and coaching practices that brought me joy in my business.

I started saying NO to a lot more and YES to things that would not only bring in more money and change more lives BUT ALSO make me happy!!

I started to do the inner work so that I could truly manifest my most extraordinary life from a place of ease, flow and happiness.

When I started using the “create from the inside out approach” everything turned around for me and I started to attract more money than ever and co-create with the universe and with The Law Of Attraction.

My passion is showing you what is possible when it comes to manifesting more money, flow and ease in your life and business. 

I want to show you what NEXT LEVEL wealth, success and happiness looks like and how to can create it with ease!


"You CAN be successful
and have it ALL too"

Welcome to a world where not even the sky is the limit

Take Your Life To The Next Level

It’s my hope that you reach your wildest dreams and create a life filled with money, succes, happiness & ease.

Fun facts about me

  • Does it have leopard print - YUP I'll take it!
  • I don't follow the rules - I create them
  • "Go get yourself an education and a job" has always felt like the worst option for me EVER!
  • I love espresso martinis and beautiful sunsets (my kind of bubbles)
  • I work around 15 hours a week and make 22.000 usd pr. month (I work smarter not harder)
  • My worst fear is dying without having lived life to the fullest


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