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About Miella Ravenscroft

Welcome to a world where not even the sky's the limit

Hi, I’m Miella.

I help female coaches become a match for $30k – $100k months by mastering their MindBration®, so they can travel, enjoy more freedom, and be their own boss in every area of life and business.

If I had to sum up my life in one word, it’d be: wild.

I am the happiest and most authentic version of myself that I have ever been.

I love my marriage, my family, my home, and my friends.

I have an incredible business, and I work with clients I adore. 

I make a sizable income, from $30k to $100k months consistently.

But I wouldn’t want any first-class flight or mid-day massage to fool you. Life hasn’t always been this way.

Out with the hustle - In with the ease

Only a few short years ago, I was stuck. (Like super stuck.)

I’d done the hard work to get my business off the ground: I had a website, created and sold things online, and tested and tweaked more stuff than I could count. 

I knew the ins and outs of the business I was determined to build, and I had the blood, sweat, and tears to prove it.

And yet…

The results I was getting weren’t matching the amount of energy and effort I was putting in.

I spent ALL my waking hours thinking about my business.

I constantly looked for ways to become a better version of myself.

I did anything and everything I could to help more people and serve in a bigger way.

And all I had to show for it was exhaustion. (I was tired AF.)

It felt like I was constantly fighting, clawing, and sprinting my way towards the next goal, and no matter what I did or how hard I worked, I could only ever hit between $4k and $6k in revenue each month.

And when you’ve done everything you can think of to make more money, you get to a point where you start to wonder, “If it was this hard to get here, how the hell will I ever get there?”

I didn’t realize that instead of working with the Universe, I was working against it – tired and frustrated while working my ass off to create the results I wanted. As I could barely keep up with the Facebook groups, algorithm changes, and marketing funnels, I kept hearing the sentence, “You either burn out, or you let go and lean in.”

So finally, when I had nothing left to give, I decided to lean in...

Everything suddenly clicked and the results that came through (without the hustle) blew me away.

I had my first six-figure month as I traded in the latest marketing tactics for an intentional meditation practice and only took action only when it felt right (instead of when I thought I should). 

I went from overwhelm and constant burnout all the way up to $30k, $50k, and even $100k months with ease, flow, and only 15 hours of work each week. 

And I did this with 3 young, very active boys by my side. (Which means you can, too, no matter what it seems is holding you back.)

You CAN be successful and have it ALL too

If we were sipping espresso martinis at our favorite beach clubs around the world, this is what I’d tell you. 

When you hustle without taking the time to slow down and celebrate, the Universe takes this as a sign that you want to work hard for your results. 

And that’s fine… unless you’re like me and ready for a better way. 

It’s not enough to understand the Law of Attraction and the principles of Manifestation. You also need to do the healing and inner work that lets you attract with ease

Because it really, truly, absolutely doesn’t have to be so hard.

Especially when you master your MindBration®.

You don’t have to follow the rules when you know how to create them

I’ve been in business for ten years, have worked with thousands of women (everywhere from starting businesses to scaling them), and in 2019 I doubled my income working only 15 hours a week.

What I know to be true is that when you raise your vibration and strengthen your mindset, you uplevel your MindBration® (mindset and vibration) and allow into your life more money, freedom, and ease. 

MindBration® is the basis of everything I teach, and it is the reason every single one of my clients has achieved great success while working less.

Mastering my MindBration® is how I manifested my first six-figure month ($107,000 to be exact) and how I manifested $88,000 is one short week (in a very unexpected and wonderful way).

It’s how one client grew from $1,400 to $11,000 a month after being stuck forreeevver. And how another manifested her first $12k month, a different client manifested $10k in one week, and how many clients have manifested houses, cash, and repeated dream clients of their own.

MindBration® is a process for turning your thoughts into things and learning how to direct your energy towards next level wealth, success, and happiness.

Learn more about The MindBration® Business Academy here.

What if you knew without a shadow of a doubt that you had the tools to manifest anything you wanted?

$50k months while working 15 hours a week?

Dream clients that you LOVE?

The freedom to travel wherever and whenever?

All of this is possible when you create from the inside out and work with the Universe rather than against it.

But the keyword here is “work”.

It takes a special kind of person to endure being an entrepreneur. Because it takes work. I wouldn’t say the work has to be hard, but I also wouldn’t want you to confuse the ease that comes from mastering your MindBration® with the word “easy”. 

None of this is “easy”. 

None of this is a short-cut. 

None of this will bypass the need for action. 

MindBration® is not a magic pill and while many of my clients do see financial gain after spending more time with tools like meditation or massage it’s because they’ve also set a strong foundation, are committed to taking action whenever and however it feels right, and implement spiritual practices, like MindBration®, with practical action. 

Because the biggest and best results happen (with the most ease) when you take the right action, aligned action that works with the Universe rather than against it, and create from the inside out using your MindBration®. 

If you want to learn more about how the right action can help YOU manifest the life and business you really want, start with my free MindBration® Masterclass here.


One more way to connect

When I was younger, I was put in the box. (You know which one I’m talking about, right? The one that says “get an education, get a good job, get married, have kids, find the white picket fence, then maybe be happy.”)

But for so many years, I felt so wrong

I did the education (even though I wasn’t sure why) and I took the jobs (even though I didn’t like them). I’d always been good at being in the box, but I hated everything that came with it. 

I hated asking for vacation days. 

I hated having to be somewhere when someone else said so.

I woke up every morning dreaming about a different path.

But even once I found a way to physically get out of the box and start my own business, I still found myself feeling constrained. Until I mastered my MindBration®, I either put in a shit ton of work to create few results or had a business that looked amazing but didn’t actually make me happy. 

It wasn’t until I said — “Fuck this. Universe, show me another way!” — that I got the success, money, and ease I’d always wanted. 

I’ve since helped thousands of women master their MindBration® and bring more money, freedom, and flow into their lives. If you’re ready for a different way — a better, more fulfilling way — to make the money you desire, join me (and other badass entrepreneurs) in my free FB group, The Abundant and Badass Entrepreneur on FB.

Let me show you the way.